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Guión de la obra "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by alumnos de 1º ESO IES Gerardo Molina

¡Si quieres ir preparad@

aquí te dejamos el guión!

adaptado por los profesores de inglés 

Carolina Moreno y David Martínez




(In the garden)
NARRATOR: It was a hot day and Alice, a little and happy girl, is sitting with her sister, who is reading under a tree.
(Alice is playing with her cat and her sister is reading)
ALICE´S SISTER: William Darcy could not stop thinking about Elizabeth Bennet. Her wit and her spirit held him as captive as her beauty. He did not see someone so attractive as her in his life….
ALICE: How boring! A book with no pictures!
ALICE´S SISTER: Alice! Stop bothering! It is a beautiful book!
ALICE: Ok…I feel sleepy….
(Alice sits comfortably and falls asleep)
NARRATOR: Then, suddenly a White Rabbit runs close to her. He is looking at his watch saying:
WHITE RABBIT: I´m late! I´m late!
ALICE: A rabbit with a watch…how strange! Wait Mr. Rabbit!
WHITE RABBIT: No time to say “hello” or goodbye”!
NARRATOR: Alice runs after the rabbit, and when she was about to catch it, he goes inside a hole under a tree. Alice follows the rabbit and goes inside too.

(In a corridor full of doors of different sizes)
WHITE RABBIT: (running) I´m late! I´m late!
(The rabbits gets into a door)
(Alice appears running)
NARRATOR: Alice is now in a big room with doors of different sizes. She tries to open them.
(Alice tries to open doors)
ALICE: All the doors are locked! How can I go out from here? Oohh…a table! And there is a key…
(She takes the key and tries to open doors until she opens the small one. She has a look through it)
ALICE: Oooh! A beautiful garden! I want to go there but I am too big! oohh…and there I can see the White Rabbit!
(Coming back to the room, she looks around, and on the table she finds a bottle)
ALICE: A bottle! It says DRINK ME…
(She drinks from it)
NARRATOR: Alice drinks from the bottle and now she is small and she can go into the hole to get the garden.
(Alice gets into the garden through the small door)

(In the garden)
(Alice is in the garden looking around when she sees the rabbit again)
WHITE RABBIT: The Duchess must be angry! I am late again!
ALICE: Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit! Wait please! Just a moment! Listen to me!
(The rabbit disappears)
(Alice goes on walking in the garden)
NARRATOR: Alice is walking in the garden when she meets other strange animals: a duck, a mouse and a parrot.
PARROT: Hello girl! What´s your name?
ALICE: Hello! My name is Alice
PARROT: Let´s run a race!
MOUSE: Yes! Let´s run in circle!
(Everybody starts running in circle)
(After a while running…the parrot says…)
PARROT: The race is over!
MOUSE: Who is the winner?
PARROT: Everybody is the winner and gets a prize
DUCK: And what is the prize? Who has got the prize?
PARROT: Alice! (pointing at Alice)
NARRATOR: Alice doesn´t know what to do. She puts her hand in her pocket and takes out a box of sweets and offers it as a prize.
(She gives the box to the parrot)
MOUSE: And what about the girl? What is her prize?
PARROT: It´s true! Alice, take this box as a prize.
NARRATOR: They all cheer. Alice thinks everything is very strange, they are crazy! But she continues the game.
ALICE: Thank you! It´s an honour for me to accept this beautiful box.
DUCK: Time to go! Goodbye Alice!
MOUSE: Goodbye!
PARROT: Goodbye!
ALICE: Goodbye!
(In the garden)
(Alice goes on walking. The White Rabbit appears again)
WHITE RABBIT: The Duchess! The Duchess! She will be angry! Where are my gloves??
(The rabbit looks around like looking for something. Then, she sees Alice)
WHITE RABBIT: Mary Ann! What are you doing? Go home and bring my gloves!
(The white rabbit says this while playing a trumpet)
NARRATOR: The White Rabbit thinks Alice is his servant. Alice is frightened and runs to the White Rabbit´s house.
(The rabbit disappears)
(Alice is in the house. Outside she sees a bottle and drinks from it. She enters the house and when she is in, she becomes big. Alice takes her arms and legs out of the house)
ALICE: Ooohhh nooo! I´m big again!
(The rabbit approaches with other animals, who can be the animals that appeared before: the mouse, the duck and the parrot)
WHITE RABBIT: Oooh nooo! I´ts horrible! We must burn the house!
(The rabbit and the animals start throwing stones to the house)
NARRATOR: Alice doesn´t understand anything, but she notices that the stones are turning into cakes and she has an idea.
ALICE: If I eat one of these cakes, maybe I become small again.
(She takes one cake and eats it. She becomes small and gets out of the house)
NARRATOR: Alice is out of the house again and goes to the garden again.

(In the garden. A lot of flowers)
NARRATOR: Alice is walking through the garden when she meets a group of beautiful flowers.
ALICE: Oooh…how beautiful!
FLOWER 1: Yes…it really is!
ALICE: Excuse me…can you speak?
FLOWER 2: Of course we can speak!
FLOWER 3: And we can sing and dance too!
FLOWER 1: Do you want to listen to a song?
ALICE: Yes! Of course!
ALICE: Wonderful! (Clapping her hands)
FLOWER 2: What type of flower are you?
ALICE: I am an Alice
FLOWER 3: I have never seen an Alice!
FLOWER 1: You have a strange colour!
FLOWER 2: And no smell… (smelling her)
FLOWER 3: But she is pretty
(All this while they are around her…like examining her)
ALICE: Ok…I am not a flower!
FLOWER 1: Just as I suspected!
FLOWERS: OOOOh…noooo! Go away!
ALICE: You are very unfriendly! (very angry)
NARRATOR: Alice leaves the flowers behind and continues her way.

(In the garden)
ALICE: I am very small. I have to eat something to get my normal size again.
NARRATOR: Near there, there is a mushroom with a large blue caterpillar, sitting on the top smoking a big hookah. The caterpillar and Alice looks at each other. At last the caterpillar asks.
CATERPILLAR: Who are you?
ALICE: I don´t know. My size changes all the time. Now I am very small.
CATERPILLAR: I don´t understand.
ALICE: I can´t explain myself. It´s strange.
CATERPILLAR: Yes, it is. But now, tell me: who are you?
ALICE: First, who are you?
ALICE: Goodbye! (Alice is very angry)
CATERPILLAR: Come back! I want to tell you something.
ALICE: Ok, what?
CATERPILLAR: Look at this mushroom. If you eat from one side, you get small. If you eat from the other, you get bigger.
NARRATOR: Alice cuts two pieces of the mushroom, one from each side. Then, she eats a little from each piece until she gets her normal size.
(Alice does this while the narrator is speaking)
ALICE: Oooh! Now I am in my normal size! Thank you Mr. Caterpillar! Goodbye!

(In the garden)
NARRATOR: Alice keeps on walking through the garden. Suddenly she sees a large cat. He was smiling. It is the Cheshire Cat.
(The cat is sitting under a tree)
ALICE: Hello! Can you tell me which way to go, please?
CHESIRE CAT: Hahahahaha…it depends on where you want to go.
ALICE: I don´t care…
CHESHIRE CAT: If you go to the North, you will meet the Hatter. If you go to the South, you will meet the March Hare. They are mad!
ALICE: But I don´t like mad people…
CHESHIRE CAT: We are all mad here. I am mad. You are mad (pointing at her). Tell me, do you want to play croquet with the Queen?
ALICE: I like croquet…but I don´t know
CHESHIRE CAT: You will see me there.
(The cat goes away laughing)
CHESHIRE CAT: Hahahahahah…
(In the garden)
NARRATOR: Alice keeps on walking and finds a table in front of a house. The March Hare and the Hatter are having tea. Alice approaches them.
(Alice approaches them)
MARCH HARE AND THE HATTER: There is no room for you girl!!
ALICE: Of course there is! I can sit on this chair.
(Alice sits down on a chair)
ALICE: My name is Alice
MARCH HARE: Then, drink some wine, Alice!
ALICE: But there is only tea!
HATTER: What day is today?
ALICE: It´s Monday
HATTER: My watch says it is Wednesday!
(He puts his watch in the tea)
ALICE: What a funny watch. It tells the day but not the time!
HATTER: Have some tea, Alice.
ALICE: But, what are you celebrating?
MARCH HARE: Today it is my No-Birthday.
ALICE: What a nonsense! Then, it is my Non-Birthday too!
HATTER: Really??? So…happy No-Birthday!
(The rabbit appears playing the trumpet)
WHITE RABBIT: I am late!
(The hatter takes his watch)
HATTER: Your watch is stopped! But I can fix it!
(The hatter puts the watch on the table)
HATTER: Pass me the butter!
MARCH HARE: Here you are!
HATTER: And now a bit of sugar…
MARCH HARE: Yes! Perfect!
HATTER: Lemon…
MARCH HARE: And the watch is….
(Through the dialogue the rabbit says: “No no no”…”Be careful!”)
(Finally the watch is broken…destroyed…)
WHITE RABBIT: Ohh…noooo…a disaster!
(The white rabbit goes away, sad and angry…and Alice follows him)
(In the garden. There are some trees)
NARRATOR: Finally, Alice decides to continue her way. The Hatter and the March Hare are really mad. In her way, Alice finds a garden with rose trees and three poker cards, who are gardeners, painting the roses red. Alice approaches to them.
ALICE: Why are you painting the roses?
POKER CARD TWO: The Queen hates white roses.
POKER CARD SEVEN: She only likes red roses.
POKER CARD FIVE: We must paint the roses or the Queen will cut off our heads!
(A trumpet is heard)
POKER CARD SEVEN: Look! The Queen!
(The cards, the queen and king, the rabbit….appears like in military formation)
(The cards open a corridor, and the rabbit appears playing the trumpet and announces the queen)
WHITE RABBIT: With you, your majesty the Queen of Hearts…and the King!
(They appear along the corridor)
QUEEN: What´s your name girl?
ALICE: My name is Alice, your Majesty.
QUEEN: And who are these? (pointing at the gardener poker cards)
ALICE: I don´t know.
QUEEN: Cut off her head!
(The rest of people on stage repeat the same: cut off her head!)
KING: One moment! She is only a girl!
QUEEN: If she can play croquet, I will forgive her!
(The white rabbit plays the trumpet announcing the game and all the cards stand in formation)
(Characters brings the mallets and the balls and a game of croquet starts)
NARRATOR: Everything is strange. The balls are hedgehogs and the mallets are flamingos. People begins running in all directions, tumbling up against each other.
(Characters running on stage. Playing croquet. Tumbling against each other. The Queen repeating all the time: Cut off his head!)
NARRATOR: Alice is playing as best as she can and she beats the Queen. The Queen gets very angry.
QUEEN: Cut off her head!
ALICE: You can´t leave me with no head! I want to be judged! I have the right!
QUEEN: Very well, let´s go to my palace!
ACT 10
(In the palace)
(The Queen and the King are sitting down on their thrones. The rest of characters are the jury are sit on one side. A lot of poker cards in formation too. Alice enters and places herself in front of them. She sits down on the floor)
WHITE RABBIT: (Reading from a paper) Your Majesty, members of the jury…and the King. Alice is accused of having won croquet to our majesty, the Queen of Hearts. Let´s call the first witness: the hatter.
QUEEN: Do you know Alice?
HATTER: Alice?? Who is Alice?? Do you want some tea?? (offering a cup of tea to the queen)
QUEEN: Next witness!!
WHITE RABBIT: Next witness: the parrot
QUEEN: Did you play croquet with Alice?
PARROT: Croquet?? Noooo…I prefer races!
NARRATOR: Alice is frightened but has an idea: she takes out a piece of mushroom from her pocket and eats it. Then, she gets bigger.
(Alice does this while the narrator is speaking. When she becomes bigger she stands up, like showing she is big)
QUEEN: Cut off her head! (pointing Alice)
ALICE: You can´t! I am big!
QUEEN: Be quiet!
(Then, all the poker cards stand up and go towards Alice. She tries to fight against them but she can´t.)
ACT 11
(In the garden)
SISTER: Alice! Alice! Wake up!
ALICE: Oooh…it was a dream….What a strange dream….it was about a rabbit…a queen….
SISTER: What an imagination Alice! Let´s go home.
(The two sisters stand up and start walking home)

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